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Welcome to our Bankruptcy Trustee Brockville page. Licensed Insolvency Trustee Lazard & Associates have helped hundreds of Brockville area people get out of debt giving them a fresh financial start! 

Brockville Licensed Insolvency Trustee  Jean Lazard is compassionate and understands the pressure you and your family are under. He recognizes the need some families have for immediate debt relief of one kind or another. Personal bankruptcy is just one of the options you have.

Credit card debt is the number one cause of most people’s money problems whether you live in Brockville or anywhere else, it’s the same story. We can help you get out of debt and get your life back on track. If you have questions please call for a free no obligation interview.

Please note that the Brockville Licenced Insolvency Trustee provides credit counselling & personal bankruptcy services in Maitland, Tincap, Lyn, & Forthton Ontario.

Brockville Bankruptcy Services – What we can do for you.

Our Brockville Bankruptcy Trustee can help you in the following ways.

  • Stop collection calls.
  • Stop wage garnishment actions.
  • Handle all contact with creditors. You don’t have to speak with them.
  • Look after all the required legal paper work.
  • Answer all your questions about how to re-establish your credit.

You will find more detail about your options here. Personal bankruptcy, Consumer Proposals & Credit Counselling.

Brockville Credit Counselling & Bankruptcy Services

Our Brockville Credit Counselling services are designed to help you understand how reduce debt and explore alternatives to personal bankruptcy. We teach you how to manage your money as to avoid future money problems. Most people know what to do; they just need the support around them to help.


Consumer Proposal Brockville

We can present your creditors with what is called a Consumer Proposal asking them to stop adding interest to your debt and or to reduce the amount you owe by half or more. This action coupled with credit counselling can be the one-two punch needed to get past your money trouble.

 Find a Bankruptcy Trustee Near You

Lazard & Associates besides having offices in Hawkesbury, provide Bankruptcy & Credit Counselling Services in Hawkesbury, Cornwall, Kingston, Ottawa and Belleville Ontario.

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Discussing your options with a Licensed Brockville Insolvency Trustee