Bankruptcy & Credit Couselling Advice in Lancaster

Lazard & Associates Inc. are pleased to announce our new Credit Counselling & Bankruptcy Services for Lancaster Ontario. Jean Lazard and his team have been providing personal bankruptcy and credit counselling services in Cornwall for years and have expanded their service area to Lancaster Ontario. We also can do Consumer Proposals to creditors in the Lancaster area and beyond to help ease your financial burden.

Please note that the Lancaster Licenced Insolvency Trustee provides credit counselling & personal bankruptcy services in North Lancaster, South Lancaster, Bainsville & Williamstown Ontario.

Bankruptcy & Credit Couselling services in Lancaster

You will find more detail about your options here. Personal bankruptcy, Consumer Proposals & Personal Bankruptcy,
The office is located at 205 Amelia Cornwall. To book a free consultation simply call 613-934-4357. If you found us by searching for Credit counselling Lancaster or Bankruptcy Trustee in Lancaster please let us know!

Discussing your options with a Licensed Lancaster Insolvency Trustee