Credit Counselling

Seeking a credit counsellor could be the best decision you will ever make. Understanding how to handle money helps you through your entire life. Credit counselling helps you to take control of your income with the help of a professional budget/credit expert. Credit counsellors use their experience and training to help you determine why you are in debt, the difference between good and bad debt and to find ways to deal with your current money problems.

credit counsellingWho Qualifies for Credit Counselling?

The answer is anyone who would like to learn more! You don’t have to be in debt to seek credit counselling. It is to your advantage to know about credit and how it work it can work for and against you. You can learn about credit scores and how they affect your when you are looking to purchase a car or a get a mortgage etc. Learn financial strategies to address your current financial situation and to avoid trouble in the future.

How Much Does it Cost?

In the instance where you are declaring personal bankruptcy, credit counselling is mandated. So it is included in the cost of the bankruptcy.

What are the advantages Credit Counselling?

First of all these services are confidential and you do not have to worry that your bank or your creditors or anyone else will know or find out about your financial situation.

Secondly, counselling will identify your spending habits that are causing the problem. If you can identify these spending habits you can do something about them, if you don’t you will simply perpetuate the problem.

Thirdly, the information and strategies you will learn about will help you through your entire life.

If you are in financial difficulty and would like to speak with a credit counsellor why not give us a call or fill out the form on this page. We will get back to you as right away.