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Thanks for visiting Personal bankruptcy Kingston. If you are considering filing for personal bankruptcy in Kingston Ontario, then you are not alone. Licensed Insolvency Trustee Jean Lazard and his team are here to help. In the first 9 months of 2010 there were over 37,000 people in Ontario that filed for personal bankruptcy. That’s probably more than you may have guessed and the 2016 numbers are on track! In addition to that, the number of people who filed Consumer Proposals in the same year was 22,000, which represents an increase of over 15% from 2009.

Please note that the Kingston Licenced Insolvency Trustee provides credit counselling & personal bankruptcy services in Elginburg, Collins Bay, Joyceville & Odessa Ontario.
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Obviously, all these people weren’t living in Kingston but Kingston has its fair share. Filing for personal bankruptcy is not something you can do by yourself. Because personal bankruptcy is a complicated legal matter usually with more than one debtor involved and certain procedures and laws that will need to be followed, there has to be a bankruptcy trustee appointed to handle your case.

Contact Licensed Insolvency Trustee Jean Lazard here in Kingston and make an appointment. The appointment is free. If you live in the Ottawa area please click on Bankruptcy Ottawa.

The first step is usually the hardest. Making that initial call requires a bit of courage, however most people feel a tremendous sense of relief after doing so. Call Jean today and make a fresh start! If you have landed on this page by typing in personal bankruptcy Kingston or bankruptcy Kingston please let us know. Thanks!

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